Core Values

Core values are a set of beliefs, ideals or practices that inform how we conduct professionally and what are our duties. These can help an organization determine our values, morals and ethics.

Values : intrinsic to harmonious relationship. They are the basis for harmony in relationship.

Morals : intrivisic to community living. It adhers our duties towards community.

Ethics : intrivisic to society, social order, nature & environment Ethics confer our responsibility towards nature & Environment.,

Values Morals Ethics
Harmonious Relationship Community living Society, social order nature,
2 Trust 2 Kindness 2 Liberation
3 Affection 3 Self Discipline 3 Sufficiency
4 Gratitude 4 Honesty 4 Abundance
5 Humility 5 Self commitment 5 Prosperity
6 Spirituality 6 awareness
7 Responsibilities
8 Integrity

There values, morals & Ethics are governed by the organized and every employee is abide to adher them.