Institutional Distinctiveness

The college is located in rural area. The college has well ICT equipped Knowledge Resource Center, updated Gym, special computer lab with internet facilities providing to students and college staff. The college has ICT based class rooms. The teacher continuously endeavours to impart curricular knowledge to students. They take efforts to complete the syllabus and their continuous evaluation process to take the updates about student’s performance.

As a result the college has distinctive to its priority and thrust that the college has a tradition of meritorious students continuously from 2002. Near about seven students secured merit place in the list of parent university. In the year 2018 the college students occupied 4 merit places out of ten in the merit list of the university and one student got Gold Medal in History. The college students also showed excellent performance in games and sports inter university tournaments. The students secured first place in kho kho competition continuously two years i.e. 2016, 2017 and second place in athletics.

Even the college situated in rural area, efforting for poor and needy students, it maintains its meritorious tradition as a part of its distinctive feature.