Computer Science

Inception of Department:

The college was established in the year 1990 with two faculties viz. arts and commerce. Faculty of Science came into existence in the academic session 2009-10 on non-grant basis. Department of Computer Science got established in the same session. The department continues to function with teachers being appointed on contract/clock hour basis. Science faculty drew a lot of students from semi-urban/ rural background to the college enhancing the enrollment in the college.

Current Status:

At present, Mr. P. M. Gaiki, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics is the interim in-charge of the department.The alumni of the department are pursuing higher education in various other institutes of repute. Few of them are placed in notable institutions, organizations, enterprises; entrepreneurship being the other virtue.

Data Pertaining to Students:
Sr. No. Year B.Sc.I B.Sc.II B.Sc.III Total Strength
1 2017-18 82 84 71 237
2 2018-19 77 76 73 226
3 2019-20 68 64 60 192
4 2020-21 60 60 64 184